The cooperative

The cooperative


Milcobel, a limited liability cooperative, is finally approved by the members’ representatives at an extraordinary general meeting. The coordinated Articles of Association include the following mission statement for the cooperative:

“As a cooperative of dairy farmers, to purchase milk produced by the dairy farmers and develop activities associated with the processing and commercialisation of dairy products in order to guarantee sustained milk sales for the dairy farmers.

The cooperative is also entitled to trade in products and maintenance/exploitation equipment, in the retail and wholesale trade and for domestic use and consumption.

Cooperative structure

Group structure


Miclobel has a departement in


  • Milk for consumption
  • Milk drinks
  • Functional foods


Ysco nv has departements

  • Langemark
  • Argentan

Kaasimport Jan Dupont nv has a department in

    * Brugge
    * Nieuw-Vennep (Netherlands)
    * Barchon

Milcobel cvba has departements in

* Kallo

  • Milk powder
  • Small packs of milk powder
  • Powder mixes
  • Baby food
  • Whey products

 * langemark

  • Milk powder
  • Mozzarella and cheddar
  • Butter and cream
  • Grating of cheese for the ingredient market

* Moorslede

  • Branded cheeses
  • Italian cheeses

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